Tuesday, April 29, 2008

California is a Very Nice City

Wow. Its almost been a month since I returned from Gambia. I thought time was passing quickly there, but its breakneck here. I would’ve posted earlier, but my little hard drive that I bought specifically to store all my pictures and music crashed 3 weeks into the trip and I’ve just now retreived it, or most of it. NOTE: Save everything to DISC, like a dvd or something, because HARD DRIVES CRASH!!!
Anyways, I wanted to wait to get all the pictures up before I posted.

Well, I’m not sure where I left off, but I will say that the last week or so went by quick and there were many occasions that made it memorable. I will save those for another post, because life again has become hectic/busy and I want to go through and tell some of those stories behind the pictures and the music. But for now I want to show off a little bit.

You can check out all my photos here at my flickr account.

But check back and I will tell all the stories behind these photos, as for now I just want to get it up and going!!!

I’ll also post a few songs, just to give you a taste of whats to come.
The Trip was amazing, and many developments on the horizon, but those as well, I will report on in the coming weeks.
The stuff I’m posting here is VERY rough so keep that in mind. That being said, it sounds pretty good I think!
Kelefa-Jali Bakary Konteh
Jembe 1-Ishmael Marong, Jali Bakary, Kakai
Solo Kora-Jali Bakary Konteh

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nauma said...

a new link has been added.
I think I'll have a look and read your stories,thank you Steve.