Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jali Bakary

Here is Jali Bakary, who I will be studying kora with in Brikama. It is also him who I plan to record with my laptop, and Logic(which I admittedly am just learning....oh well) using the solar panels which I(and whoever else chooses to contribute) am contributing to the Konteh family. We've been in regular contact since I finally reached out and found out how to get in touch. The whole thing has invigorated me and given my sense of musical path a much needed boost. I'm still writing country-ish singer-songwriter stuff, but all I listen to is African music...maybe a little other stuff...but mostly outernational styles and some pretty random rare stuff off other music blogs. Its a shame how little Gambian stuff there is out there. I met a few folks today at a gig at Bella Winery here in Healdsburg who have friends in the Gambia working to promote musicians! Small world..I do hope he gets in touch with that info, because I think we could possibly team up a bit. Anyways, I hope to keep this blog, and my website, and myspace, up to date.....we'll see though.

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Brendan said...

Hi there Stephen - it was good to meet you at the Bella Winery event - and a real pleasure to share in your music. I have written to my friends ( Della and Ivor ) who in fact live in Dakar which is a little further away than I expected - but not an insurmountable distance. Do get in touch with them - as I said they are involved the music business and wouldbe good to talk to if you can make time. I imagine they are pretty well networked too - having moved there 2 - 3 years ago.

I have sent you a copy of the message I sent to them.

With best wishes - brendan. I look forward to reading more on your blog.